Paul and Chantelle

The real story of Skalp client Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly is a client of British scalp micropigmentation provider Skalp, and was treated by technician Jason Pires in 2013. His treatment was documented in a feature length video that can be watched below:

A great video, don’t you think? Aside from the emotive nature of its content, this video was created by BAFTA award winning cinematographer Ian Salvage. Ian has recently worked alongside Sir David Attenborough, although he has many other credits to his name, with a particular talent for shooting documentaries. Skalp has clearly invested heavily in this video, and it shows. A great story, and a great depiction of how scalp micropigmentation can change lives.

Pauls story is not your average tale of man versus hair loss, in fact the less than favourable chapters of his life began when he was just a child, growing up in the notorious St Leonards childrens home in East London, a home for kids who for whatever reason could not live with their parents. In Paul’s case he was abandoned as a baby at just 2 weeks of age, so never knew his real mum and dad.

Following years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and borderline malnutrition at the hands of his carers, Paul left St Leonards as soon as he was legally old enough and channeled his anger and frustration into boxing.

Many years later, Paul received a knock at the door and was met by two police officers who were investigating the abuse that took place at St Leonards. They delivered the tragic news that out of eight children with whom he shared a dormitory, only two were still alive. Four had died at the hands of years of heroin addiction and an eventual overdose, and the other two had committed suicide following a catalogue of mental health problems. In recent years, Paul has learned to appreciate how lucky he is to be alive.

Paul and ChantelleAlthough an unfortunate injury prevented him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional boxer full time, in a way it helped Paul to find his true calling as a boxing trainer and fitness coach. He now works with a wide range of celebrities and has appeared as a consultant in a number of celebrity fitness videos.

Fast forward to today, and Paul is a happily married man with a wife and two sons. He runs Essex Training, a personal fitness and wellness consultancy for those who want to shape up and feel better about how they look and feel. He is the creator of Boxerobics, a new way to keep fit, and Paul is also working with Sweet Science Fitness, a voluntary organisation that is taking boxing coaches into schools in London to teach non-contact boxing, with the aim of improving physical fitness but also teaching discipline and self-reliance.

Perhaps it is no surprise that after years of having little confidence or self-esteem, he has dedicated his professional life to helping others feel better about themselves. That’s healing for you, in the most positively constructive way possible.

Paul lineup
Paul Connolly after his SMP treatment at Skalp, photographed alongside Boris Johnson, Princess Laurentien of Holland, Toby Young and Lord Archer

Paul decided to document his journey in a book he authored titled Against All Odds, a publication that later topped the Christmas e-book charts and became an Amazon bestseller. Not bad for a man who couldn’t read until he was 25 years old.

Paul has always made a conscious effort to look at things in a positive way. His treatment at Skalp was simply a continuation of his commitment to put aside his anxieties and get on with his life.

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