Trade That Hair System For A Lifestyle With An SMP

This morning we stumbled on a contribution from a regular forum poster that simply encapsulated what is involved in switching, in his case after twenty years, from a hair system to Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP). We take a closer look.


Surfing is Exercise!


So we were doing our regular Saturday morning exercise. Of the sort that does not ever see a bead of sweat generated. We surf. We scour the internet for any new clinics that might have popped up in the last week, look out for outrageous claims, check for misuse of other clinics pictures… all on a best efforts basis, it has become impossible to seriously monitor the whole industry given the rate of expansion. Our favourite element is reading the forums, fantastic first hand accounts of people’s experiences alongside would-be clients asking great questions… and getting great answers for the most part. People willing to give up their time to meet and show their SMP to others who are desperately hoping it can simply do what it says on the tin.

To Be Or Not To Be


Being bald is not a choice. How we deal with it is entirely up to the individual. Some accept, others take up the fight. Of all the solutions, a hair system is the one that can return to your original state, or even better. But it comes at a heavy price on your lifestyle. Sweating underneath it is, by all accounts, a deeply unpleasant experience. No swimming is one thing, but never being allowed to get caught in a downpour… that must cause some anxiety. Hyperactive children with grabby hands. Aggressive seagulls. It must be an endless list of dangers invisible to the rest of us.

The Challenges Of Moving On

bald solution

It is a dramatic change, suddenly moving away from an apparent full head of hair with a top end hair system, the sort of good hair that gets comments, to being bald. Maybe, like our forum poster, with the scars from unsuccessful transplant attempts. It is easy to see why so many feel trapped by their systems and everyone has to find the answer that is the right one for them.

So when we stumbled on the post from “OnTheFence” we were delighted. His was a difficult case, having undergone a transplant 30 odd years ago with old style plug scars. This meant it would be necessary to camouflage the scars as well as deliver a perfect SMP. By his own admission coverage is not 100% – be wary of anyone trying to tell you it will be, but the outcome was more than satisfactory and enough to change his life profoundly. In his own words:

I had ht done in the 80s it was the old plug kind. Was wearing a hair system for last couple of decades.

Wanted to liberate myself from the system.

Had this done in October 2015,had 3 sessions after the third the ink has held. Did not get 100% coverage but would say 85%.Some scalp reduction scars are visible.

Not one person has questioned it. Has been the most liberating thing I have done.

SMP Debate


It can be all too easy to get bogged down with the negativity generated by the scare stories and sub-standard clinics. Let’s all remember that brilliant work is being done every day in clinics all over the world. Stories like the one from OnTheFence serve to remind us why we are always delighted to help a would-be client find their way to a reputable clinic. If you have questions about the treatment, or a clinic, or simply want to sanity check what you have been told elsewhere… send us a message to

Laurie Downing