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Tricopigmentation, What Is It And Why Might I Choose It Over An SMP?

We have noticed a significant uptick in the use of this term. We thought it deserved a light shone in it’s direction since there is room for confusion and some important points to be aware of.

What Is Tricopigmentation

The term started life as an alternative to Scalp Micropigmentation, so it was the same treatment by another name. It is worth noting that there are still a handful of clinics that will offer you Tricopigmentation and will deliver a traditional SMP.

The confusion began when clinics started using the same term to describe a slightly different version of the treatment. One where the same equipment, practitioner and clinic can be used to deliver a different version of the pigment. This is not the place for a deep chemistry lesson but the essential difference is that these pigments are designed to fade away in between 12 and 24 months. It is this temporary version of the treatment that has now effectively hijacked the name.

Why Temporary?


Why on earth would someone want to pay the price of a permanent SMP for a temporary one we hear you ask. A reasonable question. In fact, there are a number of reasons why clients are motivated towards tricopigmentation. The majority will simply want to test drive the SMP lifestyle before committing. We understand that, it can be a huge emotional step – however desperate they might be to do something about their hair loss, suddenly becoming a person with a shaved head is leap. Particularly of the imagination.. if you have never shaved your head before then the prospect of doing so can be daunting, for some it is not as daunting as the anticipation of the reactions it will get at home and at work. So a trial run can prove mightily attractive.

Others will have more calculating reasons. It is now offered to men looking to free themselves from the shackles of a hair system. As an alternative to a hair system it is completely fuss free, it allows you to work up a sweat on the dance floor, swim in a pool, dance in the rain and carry small children on your shoulders. Not all at the same time obviously. The leap from having an apparent full head of hair to an apparent full head of shaved hair is not so tough a step as suddenly appearing bald… which is why, after years of wearing a system, some men speak of feeling trapped and resentful. So a tricopigmentation gives them a year or two of fading to their natural state and a more gentle transition.

SMP Debate


Those are the facts of the matter. We understand why people are electing to go that route, and it is now on offer at reputable clinics. The situation remains somewhat confusing, some clinics will offer temporary SMP treatments that are anything but temporary… or at least will not fade in a predictable period and, due to the different pigments used, cannot be lasered off.

So there is always a case for going the permanent route with a reputable clinic, that way you can be  sure the pigments are appropriate and can, at any time, be removed quickly with no scarring.

If you are interested in a temporary SMP, or have questions on any SMP related matter, then write to us at info@smpdebate.com  – we will be delighted to help you find a local clinic or answer your questions.

Laurie Downing