Virtual SMP visuals

‘Virtual’ scalp micropigmentation visual representations

A number of providers now offer a ‘virtual’ or ‘mock up’ photograph service. Basically you send the provider a photograph of you, they add a hairline and shadow of hair and send it back to you. A believe this service is universally free of charge, and enables you to get an idea of what you might look like with scalp micropigmentation completed.

You have to take these services with a pinch of salt. Its a very general representation of what you might look like, not a practitioners interpretation of how you will actually look. The exact shape and position of your hairline, your pigment shade and dot density should all be discussed when you meet your technician, as they are best placed to advise.

How are SMP impressions useful?

For those who have longer hair and have never shaved it, or those who haven’t had a hairline for such a long time that they don’t know if it will work for them any more, this service can be valuable as it will help you decide whether the shaved look would suit you or not. They might not show your projected treatment in infinite detail, but just the addition of a shadow at least gives some sort of indication.

Which providers offer this service?

There are five to my knowledge as detailed below. If another provider offers this service and I haven’t included your details, please let me know.

The Shadow Clinic in Australia also offer virtual mock-ups, however at the time of writing they were having some issues with their website. Please contact The Shadow Clinic directly to request this service.

Laurie Downing