What A Scalp Micropigmentation Really Does For You

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has become, in a relatively short time, a trusted addition to the universe of hair loss treatments. But what is life with an SMP really like, and what will it do for you?


In A World Where Bald Is Bad

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Bald. It’s very origins give it away as a slur. It started life as “balled”, a reference to appearing like a ball. Since then it has developed in the english language to mean undisguised when used to describe a lie, or worn when in reference to a car tyre, or to describe an area at the top of a mountain devoid of any growth. The connotations are invariably negative. To such an extent that the great symbol, the Bald Eagle, would if it could demand a rename… presumably it would want to point out that the name was given before anyone got close enough to one to realise it was not, after all, bald.

All Too Real

The fact is though that hair loss, when it happens to you, is nothing to do with symantics and everything to do with how you see and feel about yourself. For some bulletproof types losing their hair is taken in their stride, such is their untouchable sense of self worth, either that or a complete lack of ego (a rare thing indeed). For many it is miserably associated with the advance of time, the moving to another, older, generation. Certainly that is how it feels the world treats you.

Whatever your hair loss story, whether you are way too young to be reasonably expected to suffer, or an entirely appropriate age to discover an accumulation of your hair in the plug as a first sign, there are particular emotions that everyone can connect with. A basic desire to return to your original state is prime among them.

The Search For An Answer

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For those who choose to do something about their hair loss the industry can be slightly overwhelming. From herbs and medicines to hair systems and transplant alternatives… the sheer volume of information out there can be bewildering and frustrating – especially for someone with a keen sense that time is of the essence.

Many will invest huge sums into homeopathic remedies and prescription medicines trying to stave off further advance.  Some will invest serious cash into hair systems, though these place severe limitations on lifestyle. Others will opt for transplants, though the due diligence required to identify a capable surgeon is notoriously challenging.

Why SMP?


The irony is that feedback from wearers is that due diligence on SMP companies can be challenging too. It is a fact that many “clinics” turn out to be recent augmentations to businesses that already provided semi permanent make-up, or tattoo parlours, or even surgeons simply looking for additional revenue streams. Many of these even offer to train and “licence” new SMP practitioners.

Take some time, it won’t take too long. Get on the forums, read a few threads written by clients who have been through your local clinic,how long have they been around, where did they train?  All will provide you with pictures… you need to be sure they are pictures of their own work though. Many will offer to introduce you to clients, even invite you along to the clinic to see someone else being treated. Go for a consultation, they are always free, and arrive with plenty of questions.

The overwhelming feedback we get from wearers is that they wish they had discovered it years before, the positive changes it has made to their lives are sometimes beyond belief. It can turn a recluse into a gregarious party-goer. Someone who struggled in interview to someone serially promoted. Letters have been received by clinics from the mothers of young men whose life has been turned around by having their youth returned. It is capable of these profound changes because it very simply does what it is meant to do, with no fuss or restrictions on your lifestyle.

SMP Debate


If you are struggling to find your nearest reputable clinic we are happy to help, or sanity check with you the questions you need to be asking in your situation. Please get in touch by clicking here

Laurie Downing