What Is Holding Back Your Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)?

We understand, we really do. For every client that has decided to do something about their hair loss,and chosen Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) as their preferred solution, the final step of setting the date can be daunting. We take a closer look at the reasons clients give as the last barrier to their own progress. Which we break down to what we call “The 3 P’s”, those things that are holding back your Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP).

Hope Or Expectation?



When you first discover SMP it can trigger a series of reactions. To start with there is a mix of hope and disbelief. The hope is that it simply does what it says on the tin, disbelief at the likelihood that it will achieve anything remotely close to that. After a period of due diligence that can take varying amounts of time according to the individual. For one gentleman it took over 4 years from asking his first question to sitting in the chair having taken the plunge. For others, we are sad to say, that due diligence amounts to little more than 20 minutes on a website, 5 minutes in a phone call to the clinic, followed by another 20 minutes in the company of a salesperson.

Most will perform more than a perfunctory look at the market. Even then there is great peril  in a wholly unregulated industry. With only a tiny handful of genuinely respected operators among the ever increasing hordes of less scrupulous opportunists and well-intentioned but under-qualified cosmetic artistes, it is harder than it has ever been to spot the wrong ‘uns through a smart website… they often steal the before and after images of the bigger players is one giveaway for the sharp-eyed with the patience to trawl them all.

Having identified your clinic, met your practitioner, agreed on the desired outcome including hairline, shade and density there is nothing left but to book your date. So what is stopping you?

The 3 P’s

The principal reasons for the prevarication fall under three headings, each of them begins with a P so the smart ideas team came up with this catchy phrase.


pain assessment

Julius Caesar said “It is easier to find a man willing to die than to find one willing to endure pain with patience”. We have a remarkable fear of pain. We are considerably better at actually enduring it.In fact, most will find most of the treatment entirely bearable. Some will actually nod off during treatment. Many will find there is a small patch, or patches, which are more sensitive. Topical anaesthetic can be applied and ibuprofen taken prior to treatment. Your practitioner should also be extremely sensitive to your needs during treatment, so will work briefly on those sensitive areas and return to them later. After the first session pain is never in the conversation again, once it is real it is entirely bearable in prospect of the second and third sessions.



In time you may decide to change the style of your SMP. Maybe raise or lower the hairline, lighten the whole look or break up the hairline. Maybe you will reach nirvanha with your scalp and decide you no longer need SMP at all and wish for complete removal. All of this is totally achievable. A reputable practitioner will provide assurances about the compostion of their pigment ensuring it is suitable for safe and fast removal by laser – usually in a single, very short, session (though it can take up to 6 weeks for your body to complete the process of removing every last particle).



It is important to compare apples with apples when comparing treatments from different providers. We have a lot of questions for the clinics we refer people to, but none of them are about price. Each will have their own proposition, we recommend that you consider the whole package, especially the long term maintenance and care. Which in part must be based on their longevity and experience along with their reputation in the market…

The SMP Debate Offer

Of course we realise that is all far easier said than done. Which is why we are always happy to answer questions you may have about your own condition or treatment, or simply to refer you to one of our vetted clinics nearest to you. Contact us to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Downing