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What is the expected cost of a scalp micropigmentation treatment?

Male pattern baldness is a very real condition that will happen to most men, starting anytime from their late teens into their sixties. Knowing the products and procedures available will help them save time and money, as well as a great deal of heartache.

The onset of alopecia has varying degrees. There may just be a receding of hairline in some or thinning hair in others. Products such as shampoos as well as supplements may be all that is necessary at this stage for some people, although they rarely work as well as promised. Advanced cases of male pattern baldness may require a more elaborate approach. Hair transplant surgery as well as scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatments are available to such men. They address their condition in greater detail and efficiency. There are however corresponding costs for these methods.

An example of HIS work
An example of a HIS Hair Clinic procedure, posted by a member of their forum

Not only is SMP effective as the results are almost immediately apparent, it also encourages the patient to care for their scalp more. There is only a certain healing time required before it may fully be appreciated. Micro perforations are made on the surface of the scalp to deposit ink. These result in pigment deposits that are made to resemble a pre-selected hair pattern upon the patient’s scalp. The method for this procedure is very precise. It should create an illusion that hair is growing from a shaved head. The client only needs to have a few check-ups to ensure that the pigments are settling properly.

The cost of this procedure varies enormously from $1000 up to $5000 (USD). Expenses will go up in accordance to the requirement and the clinic chosen. The monetary costs are not all that should be considered. There are also other costs, chiefly travel and accommodation. Remember that the best possible outcome cannot be measured in monetary cost alone, and I strongly advise prospective recipients of scalp micropigmentation to have the best treatment they can afford.

Companies advertising what appears to be the same SMP treatment at the fraction of the cost should be avoided. The patient might be deceived into thinking that he is getting the same thing, but in most cases this could not be further from the truth. There is a premium to be paid for quality. Someone who would like to have work performed upon his scalp is advised to refrain from scrimping on something that will become a part of him on a daily basis.

Laurie Downing