What To Expect From A Good Clinic

We take a look at the essential steps on the path to a great treatment. Highlighting what constitutes good practice in this ever larger industry and providing a template of what to expect from a good clinic.

The volume of new clinics opening these days make the burgeoning SMP industry impossible to police. It falls to the would-be client to ensure they are putting their scalp in good hands. The lack of regulation means anyone can pick up a needle and have a go. So the pressure on doing your research properly has never been greater. Here we look to provide a template of what you should be expecting at each stage of the journey.



The first step is always a consultation. During this meeting your practitioner should explain in detail the process and answer all your questions. It is your opportunity to check out the facilities, you should expect to see a clinical environment. It is their opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and experience, where they can talk to you about your specific circumstances… are there scars, blemishes or skin conditions that will need to be considered? If so, what is their diagnosis and strategy? There should also be some discussion about the outcome you are looking for, including the critical position and style of the hairline. All their answers can be checked, either by visiting forums or by contacting us here at SMP Debate. You should walk away absolutely confident that you are in safe hands.

Treatment Sessions

The application of SMP

This should always begin with a full treatment using a light shade and low density. There should be at least a week between the first and second sessions. Before the second session begins the practitioner will examine the results of the first, checking for fading – which may be variable across the scalp. At that stage they will decide on the correct pigment shade to complete the work. Often a third session will be required, which can be weeks or even months after the second… important to understand how their charges work for these additional sessions and any future touch ups as and when required.

After Care


Instructions for caring for your SMP are available online from any number of sources, including this site. It is worth comparing those offered by your clinic, before treatment starts, with the ones you read elsewhere. Any significant differences might be a signifier that all is not well… Maybe they based their advice on the aftercare instructions for a regular tattoo, or for semi-permanent make-up, both of which are very different procedures to SMP.

SMP Debate.


Please bear in mind this cannot be a definitive guide, good clinics may deviate slightly from some of what is described here. Other, seriously sub-standard, clinics may follow them well, or at least purport to… the actual experience may not be as advertised of course. If you want to sanity check what you are being offered by your local clinic we are here to assist. Write to us at info@smpdebate.com with any SMP related questions, we will be delighted to hear from you and happy to help.

Laurie Downing