Deja Vu Hair Studio

Deja Vu Hair Studio

Tamir at Deja Vu provides his scalp micropigmentation service at the following location:

Location: Deja Vu Hair Studios Inc, 21785 Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91364

What SMP Debate Say

If you’re busy researching a number of SMP providers, you’ve probably noticed that certain firms crop up again and again. Some of the larger or better known providers have been around for some time, and are often talked about online, and as a result it is relatively easy to find information about them, and most importantly their results.

What you may not know is that there is a growing number of independent service providers out there, some of which offer a great service. It is no surprise that Los Angeles plays host to a large proportion of these providers, of which Deja Vu Hair Studio is one of them.