Ink-Credible offer two SMP locations in Pennsylvania. The main office is in Coopersburg in Lehigh Valley with a secondary office in nearby Doylestown. CEO Carol Cheshire trained in SMP under De Ann OBrian at the highly regarded Vancouver Paramedical Clinic and brings a depth of experience and commitment to excellence that her clients benefit from every day.

Location: 32 S Main St, Coopersburg, Lehigh Valley PA 18036, United States
Tel. 610.282.1888

What SMP Debate say

Ink-Credible CEO Carol Cheshire added Scalp Micropigmentation to the range of treatments already on offer at her salons two years ago, since then she has firmly established herself as a leading provider with a great fan base among her clients.

A Commitment To Excellence


Carol came to SMP with plenty of relevant experience. She is a licensed esthetician and had been a certified Permanent Make-Up Technician since 2002, so realising her clients aspirations for cosmetic improvement is in her DNA. With two salons, a main one in Coopersburg and a second in Doylestown, she already offered an broad range of beauty and restorative treatments. Her reputation for excellence in the region has seen her build a passionate client list.

When considering the addition of an SMP service to the impressive suite already on offer, Carol understood she would need to add new skills to her considerable repertoire. The decision to go ahead was made only when she found the highly regarded Vancouver Paramedical Clinic and underwent extensive training in the art of SMP.

Building On Success



Since establishing the Ink-Credible clinic and bringing world class Scalp Micropigmentation to her region she has been making profound life changes for men and women alike. Whether you need to add density to thinning hair, replace a receded hairline, or camouflage a scar, you can be confident you are in the best of hands. Her commitment to every client has even bought her to the attention of local hair transplant surgeons who regularly refer their clients to Carol for her finishing touch.

With two salons that were primarily serving female clients it is understandable that Carol has developed a devoted following who were willing to bypass any doubts and believe her assurances that SMP was a highly suitable option for many of them. The results, as can be seen from the pictures above, are convincing testimony to that.

A Results Business

Evidence for the quality of Carol’s work is there to be seen on the scalps of her clients. The passion for perfection, that has driven her business over the years, has served¬† her SMP clients well.



Using SMP to replace the need for daily stress of fibers and other camouflage treatments, it is a perfect option for a fuss free life or for young men who still want to live an active life. It is also an ideal option for women suffering with female pattern baldness who are not ready to wear a hair system, or simply choose not to take on that routine and cost.



For traditional male pattern baldness, at any stage, Scalp Micropigmentation provides a convincing return to a full head of hair. The profound change this treatment can make for men of all ages was one of the reasons Carol began to research SMP in the first place, the opportunity to deliver this change never ceases to inspire her.



This client came to Carol with scarring familiar to many hair transplant patients, they are the scars left by the surgeon when harvesting the follicles for use on the bald areas. As you can see, they are often substantial and it is easy to imagine how emotionally challenging this can be. Fortunately, as you can also see, SMP is capable of effectively camouflaging the damaged skin – even in cases where the scar tissue is red and bumpy it can significantly improve its appearance.


In this small sample of the video testimonies available on YouTube for Carol’s work the quality of the treatment and gratitude of the client stand out.