Vinci Clinic in Florianopolis

Why Brazil will become a major scalp micropigmentation destination

Any scalp micropigmentation provider looking to grow will no doubt consider their options very carefully. If I owned an SMP clinic and I were looking to expand, obvious avenues would be to look beyond home shores for new opportunities. Destinations such as India, China, Russia and the Middle East would rank very highly on my list, but none so highly as the opportunities available in Brazil.

In a few weeks time, the eyes of the world will turn to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup. It will be an incredible spectacle for sure, but when the cameramen go home, for the majority of us this fine country will become nothing more than a memory. Its tragic really, that so many people are going to see nothing more than a snapshot of a country that has so much more to offer.

A booming economy

In terms of GDP, Brazil has the 7th largest economy in the world. It is by far the largest economy in South America and the second largest in the Western hemisphere, beaten only by the United States. Brazil is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world, with an average growth achievement of over 5% in terms of GDP. Within 20 years, Brazil is expected to become one of the 5 largest economies in the world alongside China, Japan, the United States and Germany, most likely overtaking France and the United Kingdom in the process.

RioMar shopping centre
The RioMar shopping centre in Recife, representing the ever-increasing affluence that is becoming more prevalent across Brazil

An ideal environment for scalp micropigmentation.

An increase in disposable income, as well as in the number of people who can afford to make luxury purchases, provides a perfect setting for a successful SMP business. Growing economies around the world have demonstrated time and again that an increase in wealth, generally results in an increase in the desire to look and feel good. Status becomes more important, and subsequently so does the aspiration to achieve the perfect look. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a good thing, but that’s what happens.

A desire to look and feel good impacts every sector of an econony, particularly retail and service-based industries. People will buy more high ticket value items including clothes, cars, houses, jewellery and of course, cosmetic enhancements. The embryonic scalp micropigmentation industry in Brazil stands to benefit a great deal from this cultural shift.

What options already exist in Brazil?

As with any country that has previously had no ‘professional’ scalp micropigmentation service, a number of tattoo shops exist that offer hair replication. I am unable to find a single example of their work, so I would be extremely sceptical and I would certainly steer clear.

Vinci Hair Clinic has recently opened in Brazil and in true Vinci style, has gone all out with three clinic locations to choose from – one in São Paolo, one in Rio de Janeiro and another in Florianópolis. I do not know which of their technicians are manning their Brazilian clinics, or what backgrounds they have, but Vinci’s results are usually exceptional. I would therefore suggest that Vinci is undoubtedly your safest option for a high quality SMP procedure in this part of the world.

Vinci Clinic in Florianopolis
The city of Florianópolis is already a scalp micropigmentation destination, with many more providers tipped to join Vinci Hair Clinic in the coming years

The future?

I believe the decision by Vinci Hair Clinic to open not one, but three locations in Brazil, highlights the massive potential available in the region. I predict that a number of other providers will open at least one clinic in South America, most likely in Brazil, with the gamblers money on either HIS Hair Clinic or Scalp Aesthetics to be next in line. HIS Hair Clinic are always looking for new growth opportunities and certainly have the financial capability, whilst Scalp Aesthetics have already ventured as far south as Mexico.

Time as they say, will tell.

Laurie Downing