Why Do So Many Fail to Properly Research Their Chosen SMP Clinic?

Boys. We are prisoners of nature. Unwilling to accept help and advice in so many necessary situations. How can we overcome that nature to do proper research on Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) and find a reputable clinic? We share our thoughts on the matter.


Where Is That Pub!?


I found myself lost last weekend. The I Phone was meant to make it an easy 10 minute walk from the train station to my destination. It was obvious fairly quickly that my phone was not “on message”, it’s map app was dysfunctional and could not show my current location. I decided that having seen the map earlier I could probably, almost certainly, find my way there from memory. And I did! But it took fully 45 minutes. After apologies and explanations I was asked by my friends wife why I had not simply asked for directions… on reflection it was the only sensible thing to do. Her husband and two other men at the table came to my support, suggesting that they would have done exactly what I did.

We will all have been in cars, in the days before SatNav, where the male driver has preferred to search than stop and ask. Maybe it is a need for independence hard wired into the Y chromosome, which may have served us well as we ventured out of the trees and onto the open plains of the savannah a few hundred thousand years ago, but which has surely long since seen it’s usefulness overtaken by infrastructure.

A Victim Of Your Genes?

victim of your genes

In the modern world this trait has become self destructive in the extreme. It leads some of us to buy the wrong car, or sign up to the wrong pension scheme, move into the wrong house… but it also sees some of us vulnerable to rogues.

The common theme, the result of that reluctance to ask good questions, is an unwillingness to research. The very fact that you are on this site reading this article probably means you are not at the extreme end of that spectrum. In the world of SMP this is the individual who sees the treatment on a website for the first time and gets treated by the nearest/cheapest/first clinic he can find.

Caveat Emptor

caveat emptor

… or “buyer beware” is just too benign a warning for the risk of getting a sub-standard SMP. As is buyers remorse an understatement for the experience of getting a bad treatment.

We understand it can be a daunting prospect, starting from a knowledge level of zero it is necessary to do a fair amount of reading simply to arrive at your first set of questions to ask. Having asked that first set of questions, of maybe two or three clinics, you will need to compare and contrast. Explore the differences and understand the implications of them. You may want to attend multiple consultations, meet practitioners and even clients.

It is time consuming and intellectually challenging with a decent amount of biology involved. Make sure you get the essential information; how long have they been in practice; where did they train; where can I see a gallery; and of course what are the total costs… over the lifetime of the treatment (what are the guarantees against early fading and how are touch ups charged beyond any guarantee). You must know when you sit in the chair for your first session that you are in the best of hands.

SMP Debate


We provide help to people attempting their research on a daily basis and are always happy to answer questions or sanity check anything you have been told elsewhere.

My failed I Phone map app saw me arrive late to a pub, maybe I missed out on a an extra pint – not so bad. A poor SMP treatment can be absolutely devastating, even in the short time it might take you to find your way to a good laser technician to get it removed… but it is not an eraser and you would still need to live your life for several weeks with the results while the laser does it’s work and breaks down the pigment. Then of course there is the terrible waste of a lot of cash.

Rest assured, there are plenty of clinics out there that are eminently capable of delivering perfect SMP treatments every time. We can help you find them too.

Please get in touch at info@smpdebate.com, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Laurie Downing