You’ve Wanted SMP For Ages, So What Is Stopping You?

It is clear when clients arrive for their first consultation that they have performed all possible due diligence. They typically get there with lots of questions but with an understanding of the answers, occasionally their depth of knowledge will be impressive. That is understandable, it is a big deal. They might have had to consider shaving their head for the first time for example, or removing a hair system after years of never leaving home without it. Maybe they have been venturing to work and play with their hair loss in plain view… in which case explaining a sudden return to a full hairline might be a worry.

Fear Of Change

marcus aurelius

“The Universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it”

It’s a motto that has stood the test of time, dating back about two thousand years to a Roman Emperor… Marcus Aurelius is the handsome chap above.  It is one I have shared with my boys in some vain attempt to nudge them gently in the direction of considering anything that is not on a screen. But more recently it is one I have been forced to revisit on my own behalf. Having done so I saw the parallels, the stretches of road on those journeys where some truths were shared. Where the difference between someone taking the plunge after what is sometimes years of exploring SMP, and my experience… of visiting the same football ground (that will be soccer to anyone reading this West of the Atlantic Ocean).

You see, I am not convinced that any of the reasons given earlier are what delays someone who does eventually become a client. Or worse, block someone who otherwise might. Sure, they are serious considerations but it is the fear of change that holds us back.


I have been going to watch my team play football since I was a young lad, my Dad took me. His team became my team, that’s how it works right? I now take my own boys. Next year, after over a century of residence at our current ground, we are moving home. The new ground is much bigger, it has far better access and the ticket prices are being drastically reduced. On top of that the financial system governing the game sees spending tied to turnover, so we will be a more powerful club. And yet there is a sense of gloom among the fans, an unwillingness to leave the past behind. There, in microcosm, is the connection to a hair loss sufferer considering SMP. Everything has been read and understood. The pros and cons have been weighed and the winner is clear. If discussed rationally with those who feel strongly around you the conclusion is obvious. Yet we hesitate. Be brave my friends, have faith in your own ability to embrace and enjoy the change.

Great journeys begin with a single step it is said. The first step in overcoming your own fear of change is a simple one, get in touch with your SMP provider of choice and make an appointment to meet with an SMP professional to discuss your situation. In the words of that sports cobbler – just do it!

Laurie Downing